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Welcome to the Quintin Kennedy Detachment (QKD)

This organization is formed to bring together individuals desiring to experience the many activities that made up the daily lives of our colonial forebears in the midst of war so that we can gain the knowledge and skills required to accurately inform and educate the public.

We explore these activities within the context of military reenactments and encampments, tacticals, shooting competitions (marksmanship), trekking, canoeing, hunting, trapping, and fishing. Working collectively, and within some common boundaries, will allow us all to grow faster and better than striving on our own.

Following the historical context of various Kennedy detachments, British regulars, Provincials, Rangers, Native allies, and distaff are all appropriate personas. Dedicated reenactors interested in portraying these roles with great authenticity are encouraged to enlist.

Whether it be trekking, snowshoeing, hunting, canoeing, shooting competitions/trailwalks, the knowledge, skills, and experience gained from these activities can't be attained at a reenactment yet they are critical to assembling a correct portrayal. From that point of view, some would refer to this as "hard-core reenacting." We just call it doing it right and having fun.